Outlook 2013 Not Working

  • Answered
I currently have Outlook 2013.
Since September I haven't been able to receive emails. I can send them but can't receive them. When I went into my email hosts server it hasn't even been backing up my email for about 5 months! For the time being I have had to use my email host portal online which is a pain as I have hundreds of folders and emails missing.

Is there a way to fix this ? or would I need to re-send all the emails to myself and delete outlook and re-do everything ?

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Kind regards,
Hello Aaron, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your Outlook 2013. You may want to review our guide on troubleshooting issues with receiving email. This will clear up the vast majority of issues, but if not, will rule out many things, enabling further troubleshooting. Unfortunately, since I do not have a website name to go on, I am not able to look into it myself at this time. As to your question about old emails, if they are on another server, you may want to forward them to yourself once you get everything worked out with connecting properly. Kindest Regards, Scott M