edit page in web builder only small text no banner

  • Answered
I only have see a tiny window to type text into when on the edit page portion of the premium web builder. I don't see my site design or anything that I chose in the previous Design portion. When dragging a script onto the page it won't drop it because it appears my page is not there. I am a first time web page creator. When I hit preview I see my site design. When I look up how to add script it shows dragging and dropping from the edit page and it shows the web page with it's design in the screen. Mine has only white with a little text box in the corner. Help?

Thank You
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your builder editor. If you are seeing basically a blank page on your editing step, be sure to check the lower left corner for a button that says "Restore Design Template". This can be turned on or off on each page in case you want to do some custom work. If that is not the cause of the issue, there may be an individual account issue. You will want to contact our Live Support and they can take a look as well. Kindest Regards, Scott M