Opencart problem with upgrade and mod install

  • Answered
Hello. my primary domain is www.***************.com last 4 digits of cc on account is ****.
i tried to update my opencart install and it didn't work. in the softaculous menu it shows that the install was successful and that I'm running the most current version, however my admin panel still shows me running (the previous version).
also - i've tried to install a mod via the extension installer and I get a token error - the details of both errors should be in our account notes from talking with Support. I'm not sure how to fix the update issue and the mod install problem. any help would be greatly appreciated.

if you need to call me for additional information the best number is ***-***-****.
thank you
Hello josh, Thank you for contacting us about issues upgrading your OpenCart site, and installing a mod. Since this is a public forum, it is not safe to post your account information/verification, and phone number here. I have marked this information out for your security. Whenever you are troubleshooting OpenCart issues, I recommend Turning Display errors on, or logging errors. This may provide a more detailed error message. I looked through your notes and it did not provide enough details to help narrow down the cause. We are happy to help you troubleshoot your website issues further, but will need some additional information. What version of OpenCart are you upgrading from, and to? What OpenCart theme, and addons are you using? What specific 3rd party "mod" are you installing? What is the full token error you are getting? Are you getting any other errors? What are they? Please include any additional information to help us replicate the steps and setup you are using. Let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you, John-Paul