Transfer a second domain

  • Answered
I have an account with you and you are hosting a domain for me already.

I have another commerce site that is with Pappashop. I want to bring that domain over and use Prestashop going forward. I just want to confirm the steps I need to take to do this.

So should I start with pointing my domain name to your servers? Then I should add Prestashop and once I have that software I can build my shop again? Will there be no service until I have completed the Prestashop set up?

Hello Tracypee, Thanks for the question about transferring your second domain to us. There is a difference between transferring a domain and changing the name servers. The easiest thing would be to change the name servers. This would point the domain to our hosting service. If you're trying to make this a more seamless transition, then you may want to develop the site on our servers before changing the name servers (or transferring the domain). You can do this by first creating an addon domain in cPanel using your domain name, and then creating a hosts file modification on the computer that you use to build the PrestaShop site (note: PrestaShop will not work with a temporary URL, but you can use a DIFFERENT URL and then change it over, if necessary). The hosts file modification will allow you to access the PrestaShop site without having to change your name servers. Then when you're finished developing the PrestaShop site, you can move over your domain name, and there will be minimal disruption. If the time that the site is down does not matter then you can simply just do a name server change, create the add-on domain, then load up PrestaShop and develop your site. You can then setup maintenance mode in PrestaShop and customers would not be able to see the site until it was ready. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.