Hipaa versus Inmotion Email

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Hello Inmotion - From reading this support threads, it appears Hipaa compliant email is not available through any of your shared hosting plans (in my case, PRO). Because I need Hipaa compliance for my business, presumably I must host my email somewhere else. Two questions: 1) Can I just host the high priority Hipaa email users with a qualified provider, but then use inMotion "free" email for my other general email users who aren't sending or receiving protected emails? 2) I've heard Microsoft 365 may be Hipaa compliant via its cloud subscription ... do you know if this is true or does inMotion recommend any other Hipaa email services?

Unfortunately you are correct our shared servers are not HIPAA compliant. The way DNS works is either it goes to one location or another you can not send email requests to two different servers. I looked into Microsoft 365 to see if they are HIPAA compliant and they seem to be. I found the following page of which they have a document on them being compliant.


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