How do I separate a Prestashop multistore?

  • Answered
I currently have two sites running on a multistore(site1 and site2), although I wish to move the site2 to a different admin of its own completely, separating the two sites.

I have tried the following method: cloning my public html directory, rehosting it and making site2 the default store, then deleting site1. This did not work, as it still wouldn't let me assign the root domain to site2.

I was wondering if there is any known working method (if any) for separating a multistore, as this is extremely important due to crucial modules not faring too well with multistore compatibility.

Any help would be extremely appreciated.

Hello Roy,

Thank you for your question on separating multisites into individual sites. There are not any specific files you would separate. The data for both stores are kept in one database. I do not know of any method to separate that data specifically to export into another store. You will need a whole new installation. From there, you may be able to export the products of one store and import it into the new store, however that does not move all the store details. You will need to go back in the admin area to recreate any missing details such as groups, categories, etc.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M