How Do I Upgrade WHMCS?

  • Answered
Each time I open WHMCS it tells me that a new version is available. When I go to their site to download it, it is asking for a username and password. When I attempt to register, it tells me I must buy something (product or service). These are the instructions in step 1 of the upgrade process:

1. Begin by obtaining the latest full release download of WHMCS either from or from your license provider (if using a reseller)

So my question is, where do I obtain the release?
Hello, Thanks for the question about upgrading WHMCS. The typical installation from our service occurs through Softaculous. This is a software installation manager application that reviews and adds updates to its service in a different period of time than the developers of the applications that it supports. This means that if you see an upgrade for a product, you may not see it available through Softaculous at the same time. This does NOT mean that you can not install it. It just means that you can't use Softaculous for the upgrade at that time. You can obtain the file from the official developer. In this case, you've indicated Follow their directions for the upgrade and then you should be okay. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.