Email not responding on iphone 6

  • Answered
My email account stop working on my iphone. I can easily access via computer and webmail, but on my iphone it tells me that is not responding. This haen without any changes being made to the hone or inmotion account. I triple++ checked the account information and password and tried to reset it several times to the same outcome. Using iOS8.3, next step?
Hello michelle,

Sorry to hear about your iphone6 issue with email. If all settings are working for webmail as you stated and you are sure the credentials are the same on the iphone, then it is likely a device issue. Have you checked with the phone both via the phone carrier network as well as wifi? One thing I would check before checking with Apple Support is to fully delete the account on the phone and re-create it from scratch. Failing that, Apple Support would be your next stop.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M