Follow-up on global.css question.

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My thanks to Arnel,

I did find the global.css on my theme. They had it hidden under SKINS. I do have a problem though.
You have probably already dealt with this at one time or another, so here is my problem:

themes>ixthemes>img>icon>payment-1-5 png.

I removed the logo I did not need: example: I don't accept discover or amex.
The image was removed but still in it's place was some sort of strange image,

For example: I deleted the Discover.png just fine. But, when I refreshed the store there was an offset image that just said ....di..... Obviously, this means that there is something else there but I can't tell what. BTW, this is BLOCKPAYMENTLOGO. Can you tell why it puts in that "di" image instead of just eliminating the png?


Hello Bruce,

Thank you for your question about modifying the global.css for your site. We were able to determine how to make the change, but it requires modifying core files for the "blockpaymentlogo" block in the theme.

Since modifying core files can result in instability, we recommend contacting the Theme provider/developer so they can advise you of any consequences.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.

Thank you,