WordPress Multisite - wildcard subdomain shared plan- will subdir work

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So, if you need to see how my site is configured, see this thread:

After changing the document root for the subdomain hosting multisite, everything was working. I have three networked sites and they appear to be mostly functional. However, only the home page was showing for the site that I've added content to. I get 404 for all other pages.

mod_rewrite is on.

Chat support said i'd need VPS for multisite, but I would be surprised by that since I've seen inmotion written up in some blogs as supporting multisite, and these articles were referencing what sounded like shared hosting. Plus, with everything so close to working...well there has to be another way to successfully implement multisite without going the vps route?

Should i start over and do a subdir install instead of subdomain?
- (do you know if that would work?
- could I avoid the wildcard issue?)
Could I fix this without starting over?

advance thanks :)

Hello maryfossbender, Thank you for contacting us with WordPress Multisite issues. You should be able to use WordPress multisite in a shared account, and we have some Guides on the setup. You should also be able to set it up in sub-directories as described in the official setup documentation. We are happy to help further, but will need some additional information. Since your subdomains were incorrectly setup at first, there may be rules in your .htaccess redirecting to the incorrect document root still. Have you tried refreshing your permalinks? For example, changing to default permalinks, and saving. Then, changing back to the permalinks you are using, and saving again. This can often correct 404 errors. Multisites always seem to have additional configuration issues in my experience (due to the difficult setup process), I usually recommend running individual WordPress installations when possible. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul