Not receiving emails from contact forms on a word press website.

  • Answered

During testing of the contact forms on this site, I received the first email from a contact form test but none after that. There are 3 contact forms; Contact Us page, sidebar, and footer. It was originally a "contact form 7" form but it is slightly modified to be tracked through the HubShout Dashboard. I know the form is submitting because it uses a script that sends the user to a "thank-you" page upon successful submission. However, the emails are not being sent. I believe this is a server side issue due having similar issues with contact forms in the past. For example, just tonight i contacted inmotion about another website that had malfunctioning contact form 7 and it was set up to route through exchange but instead it was trying to route internally. Thus, it was not working but it was a simple setting on the server to fix the issue. I hope this is the same. Please let me know.
Hello, Thank you for contacting us about issues with a customized contact form 7 plugin. At this point I recommend reviewing the email logs, to see if the emails are being sent. If you are not seeing it in the mail logs, the script is failing before the email is sent. As you mentioned, if your email is handled externally (not handled by our servers), you would simply set the MX record to Remote. If the email address is hosted on our server, set it the MX reouting to Local. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul