Prestashop CMS in Preferences.

  • Answered
Right now I do not have access to PREFERENCES>CMS, in my back office. The following error shows.
Category cannot be loaded.

Please advise.


Hello Bruce,

Sorry for the problem with the Preferences > CMS. It appears to be theme related. I tried that same section on my test server and it's referencing a section of the site that appears to be different in your current theme. I would rather not test on your site, though we do have a test version of your site setup (on Scott's computer). We would need test on that, but I will not have access until Monday. If you wish to try, I would recommend you backup up everything, then try to change your theme back to DEFAULT. If you see the CMS option working, then it's definitely theme related. I couldn't find anything on the forums and with the default theme, I didn't have any trouble.

Apologies that I don't a more direct answer for you Bruce. We will continue the search for this issue on Monday. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Arnel C.