Bad config file on Prestashop Theme install

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I bought a Theme from Prestashop (silly me). The theme is PrestaShop theme #317
(v. My version of PrestaShop is

I cannot get the theme to install from the PrestaShop admin panel. The error I get is bad configuration file.

Inmotion Hosting has been very helpful in looking at the logs etc. but the fix needs to come from the vendor PrestaShop and I have been unsuccessful in getting them to send me a new package, a updated configuration file or an updated Theme that will work in the version of PrestaShop that I have.

Any suggestions? Anyone. Should I pick another shop vendor? Thanks for your advice.
Hello Glenda,

Unfortunately the theme will not work as its for a much older version than your prestashop version. You should buy a theme that is for the same version you are currently on. I would suggest contacting the developer of the theme you purchased as they may have an updated version.

Best Regards,
TJ Edens