I Need a widget to act independently in each category

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My Wordpress theme has an Upcoming Event widget. I want to use it for three different categories: Coming Events, Notices and Get Involved. The Upcoming Event widget has a title that becomes a link, a space for the date, time and description. The link takes you to a page it has created so you can give more details. It can be placed in a side bar. This widget does exact what I need for the other two categories, so I put two more Upcoming event widgets in the sidebar. I named one Notices and the other Get Involved. Unfortunately, when I use the put the information (title, date, description) in the Coming Events box, that same information showed up under the Notices heading and the Get Involved heading as well. Is there a way to take a widget, such as the Upcoming Events widget and save it with a different name or do something, so it doesn't effect the other categories using the same widget? I need the widget to act independently in each category. To see the Wordpress site I'm working on, you'll need to put dev. in front of the domain name.
Hello, Thanks for the question. The default functionality of a widget in categories will not let you do what you are asking. You would have to custom code it to make it work according to the behavior you have described. However, you may not have been the only one asking about this, so it would help for you to check out WordPress plugins. Plugins extend the functionality of WordPress. When I did a search on widgets in the WordPress.org site, I found this one that might actually already do what you have described. Check it out and if you any further questions, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.