Best practice - subdomains

  • Answered
My client has a domain <>. We want to create a separate website to host their newsletter. (<>) What is considered the best practice for setting up a new install of WordPress in a file folder. Should I install a folder at the root level (public_html) and set up the appropriate redirects... OR Should I install it in a subfolder within the domain folder? I SUSPECT it doesn't make a lot of difference, BUT IT MIGHT, since I'm getting VaultPress to backup the domain folder. I think about this, that's probably the place to put it for backup purposes. (I have to say I've had to do some backups via VaultPress and they have worked flawlessly!) Thanks for your thoughts... John
The easiest way to do so, would be to create the subdomain in cPanel, then install WordPress to that subdomain via Softaculous. The subdomain would then resolve to a folder inside the public_html directory. Either installing WordPress on a subdirectory or subdomain would be just as simple as creating that location, and installing WordPress to it. I also agree that VaultPress is certainly the best backup solution out there.