tracking ip address, always being logout.

  • Answered
My ISP is always changing their IP address, I'm always being logout because of this. I s this because of tracking ip address. Can you disable it in my hosting?
Hello, and thank you for your question. What are you being logged out of? Typically most web software will tie a session with an IP address, so if your IP does change this could force you to be logged out. Depending on what exactly you're being logged out of there might be a way to disable this type of checking. If it's cPanel you're having issues with, you might have better luck using the cPanel proxy subdomain of instead of You should also be able to disable this feature of cPanel checking for cookie IP validation by navigating in WHM to Tweak Settings > Cookie IP validation and change the setting to either loose or disabled to turn off the validation of IP addresses in login cookies. Please let us know if you have any further questions at all. - Jacob