Category Pages. SHOP NOW vs ADD TO CART

  • Answered
Good Sunday morning Prestashop Wizards. Please have a look at the following Category page:

Note that it seems to have two modules. On the top half of the page their are 3 of 6 products with a SHOP NOW button. **Note three product images missing**

On the bottom half of the page all (6) products are present with a ADD TO CART button instead, but at least all of the products are present.

I would like to do away with one set. I want each product to show with a SHOP NOW button.

Please advise.
Hello Bruce,

The top are you see is from a module. The name of the particular module in your list is "Feature Product by Category". Disabling this will remove the upper portion that displays the featured products for the category. This way the lower portion, which displays all the products, will be the only are displaying to the customer.

Removing the upper featured products area does remove the SHOP NOW buttons, however, the buttons lead to the same pages as when the visitor clicks on the image in the regular product listing.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M