Follow up Prestashop Category problem

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Please see below your last response and a follow up from me.
Thank you for the kind words. I took a look at your site to try and duplicate the behavior. Unfortunately I was unable to duplicate the behavior you described. I performed five separate tests on the following items:

Big Sky Plush Blanket product ID 10 Passed
Mouse Cart Toy product ID 18 Passed
Splash Pillow Bed product ID 12 Passed
Hey Day dog bed product ID 11 Passed
Eco Drop Dog Bed product ID 13 Passed

Each item originally displayed in the Featured products on the front page as well as the featured area for each category. They also each had their individual listing in the category. When I removed them from the root category, they disappeared both from the featured section on the front page as well as the featured section of the category, yet they each remained with their individual listing.

With five successful tests I do not believe it to be an overall code behavioral issue. So far I have yet to duplicate the behavior, so if you are seeing it I would need the exact item. If it is a single item that is performing this way I am happy to take a look and see if there is some specific attribute causing the behavior.

Please see here:

This is the category page for DOG BEDS> PILLOW BEDS.

Take for example the product Splash Pillow Bed For Dogs. Right now you can see it. That is because the following associations are checked.

Now, if I remove the HOME and leave the PILLOW BED association checked (Because I do not want to feature the product on the home page) The product disappears from it's category. Go back and once more add the HOME back in and the Splash Pillow Bed reappears in it's category. What is going on here?

Also, note this:
If you look at the top you will see that it say's that there are (6) products in the PILLOW BED category. You can see only (4). I don't see a "more" button or drop down. I expect that this is probably because of a setting issue. Where do I select the number of products shown on the category page/

For example in Open Cart I can simply select to have all of the products in a category displayed on the category page.

Thanks Scott,

Hello Bruce, The area you are discussing where the Splash Pillow Bed (and any other bed I perform the test with) is a Category Featured area. This is very much like the one on the front page, but specific to the category. The module only allows a single line of products, so even if there are more than 4 (most I've seen so far) selected featured (Also have Home selected), it only displays as many as can fit in the width of the column. No product will display in this area if it is not also in the Home category as it is directly tied to that category. Under that are is the actual product listing. This displays all products in the category, even if they are not also in the Home selected. This area is the standard Product listing area for PrestaShop. The actual store 'aisle', if you will. The area above it is more like an 'endcap'. That is the behavior I am seeing when reviewing the source code. I am always seeing the products in the normal product list section of the page even when they disappear from the top area. As for changing the number of products viewable in the Product List area, you can do that by going to Preferences >> Products and then look for the field 'Products per page', which is set to 10 by default. Also, we have an article on the topic just in case. Kindest Regards, Scott M