W3 Total Cache .0.9.4 kills WP site CSS

  • Answered
i followed the IMH instructions on W3 Total Cache exactly and my site display was radically changed to not acceptable viewing. called tech support and michael logged into site WP backend and discovered an error message in the dashboard... he went to Minify and unchecked "CSS minify settings:" so do NOT enable and my site went back to normal. can you guys check to see if okay and/or update your instructions. by disenabling Minify CSS could that hurt something else? thank you!!! wp 3.9.1 - W3 Total Cache .0.9.4

Hello Rockit, Thanks for your question and apologies for the problem. It appears that the minifying option will generally work, but run into conflicts with other plugins or specific themes. . I looked for this on the plugin author's WordPress support entries and there are some reports of the minify option causing problems. I'm going to add a warning to the tutorial, as the function generally will work, but there are definitely circumstances where it may cause problem. If you wish for this issue to be pursued further, you will need to post a support request from the plugin's author. Regards, Arnel C.