cannot edit my page properly in prestashop

  • Answered
when i go to prestashop, to my admin dashboard i see this warning You are currently connected under the following domain name
This is different from the domain name set in the "SEO & URLs" tab. If this is your main domain, please change it now. and for that, i need to add my ip address so i can see the page in full, not only the landing page if i put the ip address, then i see blank, the page doesnt load



Sorry to hear about the problem. You did not specify what was set as the Shop URL inthe SEO and URLs tab. What did you use when you set it up? Also, what version are you loading? If you recently got the installation for PrestaShop, you're using the 1.6 version. I need to know if that is the case. The interface is different from version 1.5. Can you please provide the URL that you're using to see the current issue you're getting? We need that information please.

Please provide us a little more information and we can determine the cause of your problem. It may simply be that you were using a different URL during installation.


Arnel C.