I cannot see the new product on my home page in Prestashop

  • Answered
I put some old products in the shop and set the date of the products earlier
in the database because I didn’t want to see them on top under the NEW products.

After that there were no pruducts at all on our homepage so I removed the products
but there is still nothing visible.
(when we used osCommerce in the past there was never a problem when I did that)

I hope you have an answer!

Thank you!
Hello Scrapbook, Sorry for the problem, I did a little research on the issue. If you added the product directly in the database you will have problem seeing the product. The suggestion (from Prestashop) is that you do not add products using phpMYadmin . They suggest using the backend interface or add-ons for product importing. I'm not sure how you added your product, but if you can provide a little more detail on how you have done this, then we can investigate the issue further if necesssary. Regards, Arnel C.