My iphone email messages are stuck in my outbox

  • Answered
I have come across suggestions such as these that involve airplane mode:

These seem a workaround that does not really fix the problem. Please help.

However, my other three email accounts never give me this error of storing messages in the outbox that are never sent. So is it something specific with your mail service that is not making it work?
Hello, Thank you for your question, and for providing links to the apple forum discussions. Many people successfully use iPhones for checking email on our servers. We are happy to help, but will need more information to help troubleshoot the issue. Do receive any errors along with the problem? Can you provide the full error? Does this happen all the time, or just periodically? Are there any attachments in the stuck email? If so, are you able to send emails without attachments. Is the email smaller than 50MB? Have you tried removing the email account from the phone, and setting it up again? This often helps when an email client is experiencing issues, and also ensure it is configured successfully. You can view your email settings in cPanel. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, -John-Paul