Extremely slow loading speeds when logging into wordpress

  • Answered
It takes minutes for the login page into Wordpress to load. This happened after InMotion Hosting's maintenance this week. I'm on the Power Plan.

What is causing the slow loading times?
Hello, sorry to hear you're having some slowness issues. Unfortunately without knowing the account you are referring to, it would be hard for us to guess at exactly what the problem might be. Are you noticing the site in general is slow, or just when you attempt to login to the WordPress admin dashboard itself? You might want to review WordPress login attempts to see if your site is possibly experiencing a WordPress brute force attack. Also have you recently installed any new plugins? You might want to try to disable WordPress plugins in bulk and then attempt to log in again to see if possibly a plugin is slowing down your login attempts. If you're still having issues, you can either post the domain you're having issues with here publicly, or feel free to submit a ticket and we can take a look into this for you. - Jacob