Alternative to Filezilla for multi-file uploads

  • Answered
Inmotion Hosting and Filezilla don't get along well; I have to babysit the FTP Session screen killing idle connections or I get the dreaded "421 Too many connections (8) from this IP" after a bit.
Is there a recommended alternative for uploading large directory trees?
Your best option is to upload via FTP. Filezilla is indeed recommended and works well for us, as well as many other customer on InMotion. The error you are receiving is due to your FTP client opening too many simultaneous connections. To avoid this, be sure to set the maximum number of connections in Filezilla to a lower value. Typically, you will want to set it to something around 5 or 6 just in case your client FTP client fails to fully close the connection to the server. If you are still receiving the error at a lower number, I recommend taking a further look into your connection as this would mean that Filezilla is failing to close the connection to the server. Following this gild will help you to resolve the error: 421 Too many connections