Prestashop message - MySQL server has gone away

  • Answered
This error message is appearing on my Prestashop administration panel:
Bad SQL query
MySQL server has gone away

This happens everytime I try to access Preferences > Images
Hello, Sorry to hear that you're having problems with the PrestaShop installation. Unfortunately, we need a little more information from you so that we can proceed with troubleshooting the site. Is this a new installation of PrestaShop? Or did you migrate an installation to this server? What version of PrestaShop do you have loaded? How did you install it on this server? If this is a new installation, did you use Softaculous to install or install manually? Can you please provide answers to those questions so that we can proceed with troubleshooting the problem? The post I found in the PrestaShop forums related this issue with an older version (1.49) updating to version 1.5.5, which isn't the latest release of PrestaShop. Additionally, in the StackOverflow options, they are suggesting updating the mysql.cnf file. This is puzzling because I've never had this problem in previous loads of this software, but we're not seeing the problem here. Please provide further information on the issue and we can proceed with reviewing the issue in more depth. Regards, Arnel C.