Wordpress 3.8 update is causing text tab issues - think cloudflare?

  • Answered
Hi, i have 5 websites. 4 of them are going through cloudflare and 1 is not.
Ive recently updated all my sites to wordpress 3.8. The 4 running through cloudflare have no got serious issues with the wordpress text tab when writing a post. The wysiwyg editor doesnt show up and the text is white (on a white background)

I have disabled all plugins and tried on 3 different browsers, and on pc and mac and cleared caches repeatedly and im getting the same response in all cases

The site which isnt running through cloudflare does not show this problem. Also 2 other sites ive built for others do not show this issue, so i can only think it must be something to do with cloudflare. All sites are on the same hosting provider.

Do you have any ideas as to why this is happening and can you help me get this sorted. Its way above my level of understanding, and cloudflare havent responded with any suggestions or solutions.

all the best

P.s the sites are djnarrative.com, mrelephant.co.uk, marcreck.com and reckorder.com that all have no wysywig editors after the 3.8 update. All are hosted on inmotion. a test site sharetocreate.com which doesnt run through cloudflare has none of these problems.
It does appear that Cloudflare is the common demoninator in these issues as the only broken ones are runnign through Cloudflare. Have you tried clearing the Cloudflare cache as well or just your browser cache? As Cloudflare caches your information on their own servers, clearing the cache that Cloudflare has may clear up the issue.