Email worked on my Iphone now it dosn't,

  • Answered
it gives me a " is not responding. but all works on the computer.
Hello, I'm sorry to hear that your email isn't working on your iPhone. However, just because it was working before doesn't mean that something hasn't changed with your phone settings or its connection go the internet. Since you stated that email works on your computer, but not on your iPhone then the email server is operational. Unfortunately, since you signed in and asked this question anonymously, I have no way of reviewing your server to see what's happening. Please check your email settings first. The email settings may have been inadvertently changed. It's also possible that it's simply a temporary connection issue with your phone carrier. If your email didn't work, then the computer would not be able to get to email. We have no way of selectively blocking email to cel phones. If you need assistance with setting up your email settings on your iPhone, please review our tutorial called How to configure an iPhone for email. Apologies again for the problem! You are welcome to contact our live technical support team or provide more information on your account by replying to this post. Kindest regards, Arnel C.