Images won't load from subdomain with CloudFlare

  • Answered
I have followed the instructions but can not get the config.php to point to where do i go from here?
Hello ooooosh, and thanks for your question. It looks like your subdomain isn't setup in CloudFlare which is who it looks like you're using as your name servers. I took a look at CloudFlare's managing DNS records post, and if you read from the Subdomains not working on CloudFlare section you should see this: If a subdomain on your site isn't working, the most common issue is that you didn't add the subdomain to your zone file when you configured the domain. If you are missing a subdomain called "blog", which translates to, then you simply need to add the missing record as an A record or CNAME. A record has to point to a server IP address: CloudFlare A DNS record Hope that helps, please let us know if you had any further questions at all. - Jacob