HTTP error while uploading images to Wordpress

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I have a client site running Wordpress 3.6. For the last two weeks, when uploading certain jpg and pdf files via the media uploader, they have received a non-descript HTTP ERROR message and the files have not uploaded.

I've seen previous posts ( about this being the result of a security rule. I'm using a VPS - can you provide assistance or guidance in how to resolve this issue?

Hello Mace07, I'm sorry to hear about the problem you're having with Wordpress. The mod security rules changes are a possibility, but I need to know the account URL you're referring to so that I can isolate the issue. There is a possibility it could be something else. Check out this post in the WordPress forums with the same type of error: Forums - Media Upload broken. In order for us to investigate the issue, we would need a more specific URL, please. There are quite a few Wordpress sites running on our servers, and this particular problem has not been a major issue, so it is possible that it's Wordpress-related. Also, though it is not recommended, you can go into the cPanel and disable the Mod security - at least temporarily to see if it would affect your uploads. Here's the documentation for doing it, if needed: Disable mod security. I hope this helps to resolve your problem! Please let us know if you still need further assistance. Please provide the information requested and we can investigate further as needed. Regards, Arnel C.