I can't revise/save a post after I upgraded to the latest version of Wordpress.

  • Answered
I just upgraded to the latest Wordpress version and now I am getting PHP error messages when I revise a post and try to save and review it. Here is the specific message I am seeing: Fatal error: Call to undefined function _wp_get_post_revision_version() [...]
Hello Brandy, If you're getting a PHP error when you're trying to use a standard WP function like posting messages, then it's most likely a PLUGIN issue. The best way to find out is to do the following: 1) Disable your plugins one-by-one and try the post function you're having problems with after you disable each, until you can narrow down the plugin that may be causing the issue. If you remove all the plugins and the error still occurs, then move on to step 2. 2) Change the theme to the base theme (twenty-ten, twenty-eleven, or twenty-twelve) . We just want to see if the website is having an issue with the upgrade based on the theme. 3) If the theme or upgrade is identified as the issue. Please either replace, upgrade or find an alternate solution to the plugin. We also have a guide for troubleshooting WordPress plugins that you may want to review. I did check the official WordPress forums for this particular error and there's nothing listing that particular issue. If it were an upgrade issue, then there would be MANY posts here in regards to the error. I hope this helps to troubleshoot the problem. We unfortunately cannot login directly to your WordPress admin to test ourselves. And sharing login information on Support Center is not wise since it is public. However, you can always respond to the support ticket on your account - which is private between you and the tech support agents. Hope this helps to narrow down the issue! Please let us know if you continue to need assistance. Thanks for your patience! Regards, Arnel C.