How to avoid last accessed time and file size is getting changed?

  • Answered
I am using windows 7 and Filezilla to upload files to the server. When I upload a file, its Last accessed time is getting changed current upload time. and its file size is also different from size in my PC.

So I was to not able upload and overwrite the new source file or file with different size.
Hello, Thanks for the question and sorry to hear that you're having problems with the file transfer using Filezilla. The access time is not something you can change, that is simply the way the file is being accessed, so the time will change. However, the file size changing makes no sense. Transferring a file using FTP does not change the file size, unless the source size is different from the destination size and you're replacing the destination file. The difference could be if you're using binary or ASCII. Check out this article in their forums: Filezilla Forums- file size discrepancy You can use the automatic settings by using the Quick Connect option. Like most FTP programs, there is an option concerning the file transfer. In Filezilla, you can find the option under EDIT > Settings. Look for TRANSFERS>File exists action in the column on the left hand side. Check either "Ask for action" or "overwrite". If you set OVERWRITE, it will always overwrite the file. I typically use "Ask for action" so that I can decide if the file needs to be overwritten. Check our the articles in our File Management section if you need more information about transferring and managing files. I hope this helps resolve the problem. If you're still facing issues, please let us know! Regards, Arnel C.