sending voice message attachments on iPhone

  • Answered
I am a new InMotion customer. iPhone iOS 6 has a built in app, "Voice Memos". I used it often to send memos to myself. It worked well with my previous hosting company but does not work with InMotion. The email sits in the Outbox and has to be re-opened and re-sent. And the MP4 is not attached when it arrives. Anyone else have this issue?
Hello Jimblaze, Sorry for the issues with your iPhone voice memos! I'm not sure that the issue is a problem with the server based on your description. How are you using email on your phone? Did you set it up with the email server settings? You can check your email on the server with webmail. I ran a check myself using my own iPhone, created a voice memo and emailed it. I immediately received it. I also created a test email account called [email protected] (on your account) - and it also received the email. I have since deleted the test account. If you need information on properly setting up the email client check this article on setting up email on an iPhone. If you continue to have the problem, can you identify any error messages and provide more information on the specific email settings you have on your iPhone. We would be happy to look into the matter for you. Regards, Arnel C.