Payment for an invoice sent using Prestashop 1.5

  • Answered
I hope you can help. I sent a customer an invoice (created an order) thru our store / Prestashop 1.5. My customer received the invoice in his email. The problem is the customer does not see anything in the email or invoice he received so he can pay for the items ahead of time.

How does a customer prepay for items using prestashop 1.5? I am desperate to find an answer for this. My email address is [email protected]
Hello GPGWarrior, As far as I know, payment by invoice will require a plugin module. Prestashop's default design is set up so that the customer should either pay up front or possibly select a method such as paying by check. I located one of the plugins that performs the invoice billing on the prestashop site. This may help you accomplish your goal. Best Regards, Scott M