question about internal server error

  • Answered
I am currently on a vps-1000 hosting plan. Recently I noticed that I've been getting internal server errors intermittently for all my websites on my account. I would go to a page, get an internal server error, but when I reload the page it would display the page normally. I called up tech support a couple of days ago and was told that some processing on my account is exceeding the memory limit.

I looked at my server status earlier and it was showing 84% memory usage with a warning symbol beside it. I figure at times it must be exceeding the limit. My question is, can I upgrade my memory limit without having to upgrade to vps-2000?
Hello imlotus! Sorry to hear about the Internal Server Errors. Unfortunately, we do not have a memory only upgrade for individual plans.. It has to do with the way we provision the VPS servers. Sorry for this. You may be able to find the cause of the memory usage. You may be able to reduce the memory consumption on your server. I was not able to find your account from what you posted here so I couldn't look at your server resources. We do have some articles on how to diagnose this. Best Regards, James R