Live site images still sourced via temp url?

  • Answered
I used a temp url to setup my development site with an addon url and have since taken it live.
In viewing source code for any static urls that I might have inserted in testing, i see that the page images are still coming from the temp url address?(ecbiz123)
I already had remodified the prior WP Config back to the permant url a day ago. Shouldnt the images now be sourced from the permanent url address?
Thank you for your question Jim1vey! When you add images in the WordPress pages, WordPress stores the file location in the database. This is separate from the Site URL. Changing the site URL will not change them in the database. You can fix your database url's by doing the following. 1. Export your Database. 2. Make a copy of the SQL file. 3. Open the SQL file with a text editor like notepad. 4. Find and replace every instance of your Temp url with your domain in the copy of the SQL file. 5. Save the file. 6. Drop the tables in the database on the server. 7. Import the copy of the SQL file into your database. That's it. You should see your images working on the domain now. Best regards, James R