blocked from logging into wordpress

  • Answered
i have not been able to log into my wordpress for about 2 weeks hosted on your server

1. when i log in from my office (IP: ), i get an error msg saying that my access has been blocked from too many log in attempts.
2. but when i login from home and my own 4g connection with my phone isp, i am able to get in.

is it possible that your server has blocked access from my office IP?

Hello colinho! Sorry for the trouble with the connection to your WordPress admin from your office IP. Since the WordPress wp-login.php brute force attacks, we have increased our security for Word Press logins. It appears there is a compromised computer at the location. This is causing the IP to get added to the System ModSec file. This will result in the following message when accessing the site. "WordPress Login Temporarily Disabled" Something from the IP is attacking your website. You can check the domlogs for their IP to find the specific cause. You can find the IP in the access logs are located in your account home directory /home/user/access-logs. ModSec file keeps track of POST requests and blocks them if there too many within 3 minutes. The security can block IP-based and domain-based connections. That IP has the most hits in the domlogs. We cleared the IP in the database. If you're still under attack, it may get blocked again. So if you see the disabled page, then something at your location's IP making too many requests to wp-login.php and/or wp-admin. You will need to fix the attacking computer to keep the IP from being added again. Best Regards, James R