Addon Domain not behaving as expected

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I'm trying to add additional domains to my account and I may be doing something wrong. My understanding is that this happen through the "Addon Domain" function of cPanel. When I do this, it adds a folder within my public_html folder and creates a subdomain of my primary domain. When I go the the URL I get a blank page, but when I go to the subdomain url I get the expected content.

Ideally, all my domains, including my primary domain, will all exist at the same hierarchy since some of the libraries I use need a consistent relative path. I'm hoping this nested domain path is just a side effect of something I'm doing wrong.

Thanks for your help.

Hello Ammonhaggerty,

Judging from the description you have provided, it first appeared that you were not using a registered domain name for the add-on domain that you creating. However, upon further inspection, the domain name was okay, and it was working the way it should.

I checked this on your account, and the domain name that you used looks like it was just pointed to our servers as of yesterday. The change for this does require up to 24 hours (this is called propagation time), but I checked it both with a ping test tool that checks the domain on servers all over the world, and displayed the page in my browse after checking the WHOIS information. When I display the page, I am seeing your test text of "hi" , so it's definitely working.

You may need to clear your browser cache. Your browser or network might be looking at a cached version of the domain.

Try this and let us know if you still need any further assistance!

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Arnel C.

Community Support Team