Having trouble adding WordPress to an AddOnDomain

  • Answered
My main account works fine and has a WordPress blog on it. I just added 2 new domains to my account with the AddOnDomain feature. I managed to add WordPress to one of them no problem. But when I try adding it to the 2nd AddOnSite, I get this error message:
There is already public_html install of this addon.

Am I only allowed to add WP to 1 AddOnDomain? I'm on a VPS server so it should be unlimited, right?
Thank you for your question akardon! You can add as many WordPress installations as you want to as many domains on a VPS. Make sure you are selecting the domain from the drop box and that your have the document root different for each addon domain. You cannot install WordPress in the same folder of another WordPress installation. Please see the following link on this. Installing WordPress on an Add-on Domain Best Regards, James R