Can't access wp-login.php or any admin files on WordPress Site

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This problem has been happening for the last two days on our main domain ( plus 6 addon domains all running WordPress.

The Issue: For some reason I cannot access any admin page or login page for ANY of our WordPress sites (6 in total) hosted through Inmotion hosting. Other WordPress sites that I use on other hosting providers are functioning fine.

Usually, it's one of three things that happens when I go to the login pages:

• I don’t even see the login screen and my browser goes straight to 404 page. (Most of the time)

• I can view the login screen, but when my credentials are entered, it redirects me to a 404 page. (Sometimes)

• And other times my browser doesn’t load the page because it shows the page has a infinite redirect loop. (Happens to the addon domains)

The additional addon domains on our hosting account with the same problems always give me the infinite redirect error and not the 404 error.

However, the funny thing is that every once in a while as I keep trying to login, EVENTUALLY it just simply starts working again and I’m able to log in without any hitch, but then immediately stops working again if I try to log in from another browser (even though I'm still logged in on the other browser).

This is happening to ALL Wordpress sites currently hosted through inmotion. There has been no major changes to any of these sites in the last several days. Chat support was of little help unfortunately and could not provide me any answers.

Another thing to note is that we’ve been experiencing attempted brute force attacks on the site over the past 90 days, which I am thinking may have triggered some kind of lockout response on Inmotion's end. Anyone have any advice as to what I can do? I’ve tried everything I can think of on my end, and nothing is working. Co-workers from across the state are experiencing the same issues with the site as I am, so I don’t think it’s isolated to my computer/IP, but might be a cookie issue..?

I’ve scoured the internet and found others with similar issues but so far I've not had any luck resolving this.


Hello cpapciak, and thanks for your question. This is actually an issue related to a large scale botnet attack on WordPress sites across various web hosts. You can check out the article I just wrote on gaining access to your WordPress sites again, it details the WordPress wp-login.php brute force attack that is currently taking place. Please let us know if you have any other questions at all! - Jacob
I was having the same issue. I could not access the wp-admin login. Now, all three of my websites are down and am told by customer service to just wait it out.
I have the same problem with 3 of my 4 sites. The one site I don't have an issue with is an add-on domain, as are 2 of the other sites not working. I was told server issue. ????
Hello cpapciak, We have noticed an increase in WordPress brute force attacks. This may be affecting your ability to log in. Our Systems team is working constantly to combat these recent attacks. Below is a link to a security article for preventing brute force attacks on your WordPress. Preventing Brute Force Attacks on Admin Login Also, we have a list of security plugins for WordPress for you to review so you can add any additional security you see fit. Recommended WordPress Security plugins Best Regards, Scott M
I am having the exact same issue. They fixed it for me last night, but now it has come up again.