Inmotion Hosting Calendars

  • Answered
Does IMH offer/support any kind of server based calendars? We have Samsung Galaxy 3 phones and are migrating from Google Apps to IMH VPS. We can receive e-mail on the phones but the available calendar app (S Planner) has, as calendar choices, Facebook, Google Apps and Samsung Calendar, LDAP, Excahnge and "server". Other than possibly "server", we don't or will not be using any of the others.
Can we set something up on our IMH VPS that allows us to manage/offer distributed/shared calendar functions to our domain users?

Thank you for your question ArkRoyal! You can have WebDav installed for $25 to have a calender function like this. Unfortunately, we don't have anything on configuring it. Setting up WebDav can be complicated, you may want to try using Google Calendar as a free option to this. If you wish to use only your VPS you will need Calendaring Extensions to WebDAV (CalDAV) to do it. You can contact tech support to get more information on how to get this set up. Best Regards, James R