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what address do I use for an add on domain.
do I put my main domain first /add on? where are the / or .
Hello charlo26,

An addon is simply another separate domain name you want to use on your account. So if your primary domain is and you want to use as an addon domain, they both would operate as their own independent website.

A parked or redirect would point to another domain name and display the same site. Using the same domain names as above, if your primary domain is and you use as a parked or redirect, whenever someone typed in they would see the same site as

So, to get to an addon domain, simply use that domain name ( For Yahoo, what they are asking sounds like it is a redirect of sorts, so you will give them whatever domain name you want to point to. If you want it to redirect to then that will be in the place of the www.???????

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Scott M