I want to create a Wordpress blog in as subdomain, and then transfer it to its own addon fistr-level domain

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I want to set up a wordpress blog as a subdomain to my principal domain. This will give me the ability to test-run it before mapping a different first-level domain on it.
What would be the best way to do this? If I give it its own MySQL database, would I then be able to just change the address (from subdomain to first-level domain)? How would I do that?
Thanks for your help
Hello lrning, The WordPress installation will be able to use the same files and database no matter if it is the subdomain or used with the new domain name. While it is best to set it up as it will ultimately end up (using the domain name) if you want or need to test it in the subdomain, you will simply need to change a few settings when you are ready to change the domain name. Below are instructions from WordPress itself on how to move your site or change the domain names: Moving Wordpress Best Regards, Scott M