building an e-commerce website, E-commerce application vs e-commerce plugin?

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I am building an e-commerce website, go with E-commerce application (the top ones don't seem to be available through cpanel) or use wordpress/boldgrid and install e-commerce plugin?

I don't have much experience and the website would have unique one piece products



Hi Maganinooo,

Thank you so much for your additional questions! To answer your questions:

  1. They can be removed by using a function in the theme's functions.php file, or they can be moved using hooks. However, both actions are more so for advanced users and can depend on your theme and the setup of your site. I encourage you to reach out to WooCommerce support as they will be able to assist you further per the setup of your site. Unfortunately, there's no way to drag and drop.
  2. Attributes are going to be the best option because you can configure terms for each attribute to be used for the variations. However, for the name of maker and material, you could add that information to the short description if they aren't options for purchase. Size, color, etc. should be set up as attributes. 

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hey Arnel

much appreciated!

I sell one of a kind knives, so I have a small list of products

I already installed wordpress and woocommerce to give it a try. I tinkered a bit and added couple of products to try, and I am mostly happy BUT there are few issues.

1 - on the product page i get "description" and "additional info", I want to change that format, for example have both together/visible so customers don't have to check (perhaps move one to the dead space under add to cart?)

2 - on the back end, I want to have certain fields as a standard (name of maker, material, size, etc.) I tried using attributes but it's time consuming and annoying to add them one by one every time

few other issues but those are the main 2, any idea how to deal with those?

thanks again :)

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Hello Maganinooo,

Thanks for your question about e-commerce application vs. e-commerce plugin.  I believe that this is kind of a matter of personal comfort and preference.  I recommend a plugin like WooCommerce if you're dealing with a store smaller than 2000 products. Though, with a bit of work, WooCommerce, can still meet your needs.  Dedicated applications like PrestaShop or Magento are really good, but they do have a bit of a learning curve for the front end if you're more familiar with WordPress.  Please remember also, that if you're growing into a larger shop (something with 5000 products or more), then you will want to be on a VPS or Dedicated server. Keep in mind that you can always a try out these programs and test them to see how they work.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Kindest Regards,

Arnel C.