WordPress password resets

  • Answered
The password to the WordPress admin site only works once. After that, I need to reset it in order to log in to the admin site again.

Here's what happens:

1. Once I've reset the password, I log in to the admin site.
2. I do some work on the admin site.
3. I close the admin site.
4. When I try to log in to the admin site again, I have to reset the password so that I can log in again.

I've tried the solutions in the following 2 threads without success:


Hello SpatialBridge,

I was able to speak with the tech support agent in regards to your issue. I also tested the admin password and used several browsers (IE, Chrome. Safari, FireFox, Opera, and SeaMonkey). I was able to log in over 30 times without encountering the issue.

It seems there may be something local (possibly the computer) that is affecting the ability to log in. Are you able to log in from another computer or another network successfully? Is the computer attempting to help you fill in the password but doing so incorrectly?

Another possibility could be cookies. Wordpress uses Salt to increase security. If that does not match the cookie, it forces a re-login and MAY have an effect like you are experiencing. This is just a guess, however.

You will need to reset the password before testing as it was changed during our troubleshooting.

Best Regards,
Scott M