Slider images on Wordpress Site No Longer Visible

  • Answered
I have many image sliders on my wordpress sites. At some point either today or yesterday they stopped showing up on my sites regardless of the theme. Other images (e.g., in the blog posts) do show up. Some examples:

The links to the images exist in the page code, and I confirmed that the image links aren't broken. So I am stumped about what happened. I was wondering if something changed with the php install or some other aspect of the backend that might explain this?

Thanks for your help,

Hello Steven,

We did not change anything on this side. Did you change anything on your side prior to the incident?(for example a plugin, theme, widget, or WP upgrade, code change, new plugin, etc) Even the smallest thing could have an impact.

Also, knowing the exact plugin name may help as we can try to duplicate the issue on our end on a test account. Any information you can give can be helpful.

Best Regards,
Scott M