Thumbnail wont load timthumb issue

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I have migrated my website over to InMotion last week. I've manage to transfer over my wordpress blog including database everything is fine, except the thumbnail maker on the front page wont load

thumbnail error:

I have read many forums and I have done the following:

I've change the permission to 755 and no go. several people mentioned this might be hosting provider issue dealing with timthumb. If you guys can provide any help I would greatly appreciate it.
Hello wickedeman, and thanks for the question. There is a lot of stuff in WordPress that can malfunction when viewed over the temporary URL like you're doing. In this case the problem is that timthumb is having a problem due to some built in security and the way it handles allowing images being pulled in from other host names, and I think the fact that you have the temporary URL typed twice in the same URL is throwing it off as well. If you replace the second instance in the URL: src= With simply your domain name, it should load up for you. Showing that timthumb was able to convert and store the thumbnail successfully on our server, but it's just having issues accessing it over the temporary URL to actually create the thumbnail. You can modify your hosts files on your local computer so that your domain name resolves directly to our server while you're testing the site out. That way you can ensure everything is configured in WordPress exactly the same, as it will need to be when you're ready to make the site live to the rest of the world, and update your domain's name servers to point to us. I typically recommend making a test file in your main /public_html/ directory, something like imh.txt, and in that file place text like this file is on IMH server. Then after you modify your hosts file, when you go to your website in your web-browser, go to that test file and if you can see it you know you're not seeing your site at the current live web host but directly on our server without having to point to us just yet. I hope this helps you out, it worked for me. So if you run into any further problems or have any other questions at all, please let us know. - Jacob