How to Access Files of Add-on domain

  • Answered
I added an add-on domain. I did a Wordpress installation in a folder where I wanted the add-on domain to land. I pointed the add-on domain to the folder. Everything works fine BUT...

... where are the add-on domain folders in my cPanel File Manager? All I seem to have access to are the files for the primary domain that I used to set up my inMotion account.

I want to be able to access my add-on domain files through the cPanel File manager. How do I accomplish this?
Hello ECMTony, If you use your cpanel and view the addon domain tool,you will see the folder name under which you have your Wordpress installation. You can then navigate to that folder using the File Manager. I noticed your folder name is very long and keyword intensive. That used to be good for search engines, but most, including Google, no longer use that to help rankings. You can certainly shorten the name if it makes it more convenient. Best Regards, Scott M