Getting AJAX/JQuery Contact Form Working

  • Answered
I have a contact form that uses Ajax, JQuery and PHP as back-end to send an email message without refreshing the page.

I have it working on two separate domains and servers, but cannot seem to get it working here on the inmotion servers.

It is working here:

The only difference I see between my server set-up and inmotion is in the php ini file. I am running PHP 5.2.17 and inmotion is running PHP 5.3.10. Also I have magic_quotes_gpc truned on as well as register_globals and inmotion has both turned off.

I am thinking register_globals being off is the key as the variables trigger the mail send script I wrote.

Any Thoughts. Help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your question rshill65! Sorry for the trouble with your contact form not working. It is a good idea to match the old server settings. If it works on another server, matching the php.ini settings can remedy issues like this. You can edit these settings in the php.ini found in the public_html folder of your hosting account. Please see the following link. How to update your local php settings You also may need to make the phpini recursive. How can I make my php.ini file recursive ? magic_quotes_gpc can cause issues when posting data through the url, as it will add slashes to your form variable data. Try turning it off before changing any other settings to see if it resolves the problem. Also, Linux is case sensitive, so if your previous server is not running Linux, you may have case sensitive related issues when accessing files. Looking at your Error log in your cPanel, it appears that your file naming is not the problem; however, "Variable" and "variable" are different when on Linux servers due to case sensitivity. If turning magic_quotes_gpc does not work we will need the steps to replicate the problem. Unfortunately, because this is a open forum that people can read online, you will want to contact support either by chat, phone (1-877-595-4482 ext 2), or by email ([email protected]). Please give tech support the exact steps to replicate the problem. Please include any login credentials and/or links we will need to replicate the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience. Take Care! James R