How do I log in to create a support ticket?

  • Answered
Thank you for your Question Celion!

Sorry for the trouble with finding where to submit a support ticket. Currently, we are revamping our ticketing system. Currently the way you submit a ticket is to email:

[email protected]

You will need to verify in the email with the original cpanel password, the current AMP password, or the last 4 of the credit card on file. We have a system that takes the support emails and puts them into a system that we monitor 24/7. Don't worry, your email will be answered.

Unfortunately, we currently have no way for you to check the tickets, so, if you need to check the status of a ticket, you can always chat with us or call us for an update. If you reply to the email autoresponder it will knock your ticket to the bottom of the ticket queue. This can impact the time frame to get your request resolved.

Take Care!

James R