How do I Modify an SPF Record for my Domain?

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I need to update our SPF records to give our CRM permission to send out emails. I was told that updating SPF records is done through your domain host (DNS Records). I have the code that goes in a TXT Record, but I don't know the steps to do so. Help?

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Please Setup SPF Record

We recently migrated to Google Apps and would like to setup an SPF record for the domain but cannot do it through the simple DNS editor.

Could you please add the following DNS TXT record:

"v=spf1 ~all"
InMotionHosting IP address is not designated as a permitted sender for my domain hosted at InMotionHosting. Why are emails now bouncing due to this error?

SMTP error from remote mail server after pipelined MAIL FROM:<[email protected]>:
550 SPF Hard Fail: Domain does not designate as permitted sender.

Setting SPF record for domain to turn on email authentication
I wanted to turn on email authentication. The default SPF record did not pass authentication. I added the IP of the server and it passed authentication. However a chat session told me that IP may change without notice and the system admins will not update the SPF record automatically. Is there a better way to deal with this.
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Hi Megan.

Thanks for posting your question regarding modifying your TXT/SPF record. As long as your domain is pointed to InMotion Hosting, you can modify the records using cPanel's Email Deliverability application. You can refer to our guide: Creating a basic SPF Record in cPanel for the steps to accomplish this.

I hope this helps.


Carlos D.

Hello, Thank you for contacting us today. We're happy to help, but will need a little more information. How are you creating the SPF records? This guide will walk you through if you need help. If you are seeing a message like "Warning: cPanel is unable to verify..." it is okay to disregard. Here is a similar question we answered about the error. As long as you can check them at the following link your DNS should work fine. Port25 Domain Key Wizard Are you getting any other errors? If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul
Thank you for your question JakeLaskin!

In order for your SPF record to be added, you will need to contact support either by chat or through emailing [email protected]. Give them your domain the TXT record is for, include the TXT record, and verify the account with the last 4 digits of the credit card on file or the current Account Management Panel password and support will be able to edit that ASAP. Unfortunately the support center is for public information about hosting issues.

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James R